Profit Share 40 %
Player Deal 35% RB

All in Asia

All in Asia is the home of online poker in Asia. AIA allows players to access all 7 of Asia’s biggest poker networks from one central wallet! Networks include; IDN, P8 Poker, GG Network and PPPoker. Players will get multi-platform access and can access all networks with a single login and password. 

Why Should Players Play Poker On AIA?
  • Players will get access to two of the biggest poker networks in the world. GG network and IDN Play, amongst others. The player pools that players can get access to with AIA is unrivalled.
  • Unique features such as run it three time and straddling, make GG network games even more fun and action packed.
  • Rest of the world players can play Asian players. It's a completely new type of player pool.
  • Great IOS and Android apps. 
  • 35% RB paid direct into the players account every Monday.
  • Livechat Cashier on Deposit via live chat using Bitcoin, E-Wallets & Bank.
Agent Features:
  • Easy to use agent backend. With stats refreshing every few minutes.
  • Commission payments made every Monday.
  • Ability to create sub agents.
  • Credit is available - just get in touch with your PokerCompany Account Manager to find out more!
  • Access you AIA agent account through the link here!

  • Your Agent account username and password will be provided by your PokerCompany account manager. If you intend to refer sub-agents and have not told your PokerCompany account manager yet, now is the time to do so!

  • All agent account account currencies are in USD.

Agent Login Panel

  • Navigation in AIA backend: Agents > create new player
  • Give your players their username and password and they can login to their player accounts at WWW.ALLINASIA.COM.

Create A Player

  • After clicking the “New Player” button you will be able to fill in the player account particulars - including the player cash back percentages (please note on the GG network the cashback percentage cannot be greater than 35%).

  • Once done just send your player their username and password and they will be able to login to their account at WWW.ALLINASIA.COM

Set Up A Player Deal

There are multiple types of agent accounts on AllInAsia.


  • Only “Agent” accounts can create players,

  • Master accounts enable you to create agent accounts


If you wish to create players and create sub agents you will need two separate accounts. If you need a Master account - just get in touch with your PokerCompany account manager.


To create an agent in your Master account just use the following navigation: Agents > Create agent.

Fill in the necessary particulars and set the sub agents operating percentages for each AllInAsia supported network.

Once you have set up your sub agents account just send them their username and password and they will be able to login on their account at

Creating An Agent

How to fund your agent account?

  1. You can deposit directly at AllinAsia using the live chat cashier at

  2. You can arrange credit transfers to your agent account with your PokerCompany account manager.


How to fund players?


How to credit players - if you have credit in your agent account you can credit individual players in your agent account: Agents > click on the player you want to credit and click credit in the dropdown, just key in the amount you wish to credit them.

Transfers between yourself and your players can be viewed in your agent account: Logs > Cash transfer.

Setting Up An Agent

Credit / Debit Agents

Keep Track Of Cash Transfers

  • Agent account data updates every few minutes.

  • Commission is paid direct into your agent account every Monday. Player cashback is also processed on Monday.

  • Check the commission due, use the following navigation in your agent account: Reports > Total Win/Lose > select date filters Monday 00:00 > Sunday 23:59:59.

    • Look at the company column for settlement. A negative value means that you are owed money. A positive total means you owe money for this time period.

  • To cashout your commission to a payment method of your choice, just get in touch with your PokerCompany account manager.

View Your Commission