Profit Share 40 %
Player Deal Agent Chooses RB

TonyBet Poker

Owned by the infamous Tony G, TonyBet is a standalone online poker room with light and solid software. 

Why Should Players Play Poker On TonyBet?
  • Tonybet give players access to the softest European facing games out there.
  • Good NLH and PLO traffic. 
  • Fast deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • Great mobile app.
Agent Features:
  • Complete control over the rakeback percentage given to each individual player. 
  • Your PokerCompany account manager can even help you setup your own private games (password protected) and you may even change the rake in these private games to your specifications. This solution is ideal for protecting your "action" players. It is very likely that professional poker players would be willing to pay a premium to get access to these games.
  • Ability to create sub agents.
  • Revenue share is available for the casino product as well. This starts from 10% profit share.
  • Credit is available - just get in touch with your PokerCompany Account Manager to find out more!

  • Your username and password for an agent account and player account will be provided by your PokerCompany account manager.

  • Access your Tonybet agent account here!

  • Access your Tonybet player account here!

Agent Login Panel

Player Login Panel

  • Navigation once logged into your Tonybet agent account: Agents > network tree > My players.

  • Click the “Add New Player” button.

  • Fill in the player details and provide the player with their username and password. The player will then be able to login and play on

Create A New Player

With Tonybet you may also signup players under your agent account via tracking link. Please note that players signed up through this method will have to go through the verification process.

  • Login to your agent account > Get tracking links > give your player the link displayed to signup through (ensure you ask them to clear their cookies and cache before hand, so that tracking is not interfered with).

Getting Your Tracking Link

  • Just get in touch with your PokerCompany account manager and they can set a default cashback percentage for your players.

  • To assign custom percentages for specific players just email the following details to, with the subject line: “Custom Player Percentage”

    • Your agent account username

    • Player Tonybet username

    • Percentage you want the player to be on.

  • Select Network Tree on your agent account dashboard and click the “Add New Agent” button.

  • Fill in agent details and set their percentage for each product. The difference between your deal and your sub-agent deal, will be the commission payment you receive on sub-agent traffic.

  • Give your sub-agent their login name and password. This will give them access to:

    • Their agent account for managing players. Agents can use the login panel can be found here!

    • Their Tonybet player account for playing and receiving agent commission payments. Agents can login here!

    • Feel free to refer your sub agents to this guide.

Creating An Agent

Fill IN Your Agents Details

Option 1: direct funding by Tonybet


1) Send an email to with the subject line “Agent Payments” and include the following details:


  • Your Tonybet agent account username.

  • The amount of money you wish your Tonybet agent account to be credited.

  • The payment method you wish to use to fund your agent account e.g. Skrill, PayPal, Neteller.


2) Our friends at Tonybet will then give you payment directions and once this money is sent, they will credit your agent account with the balance.


Option 2: Contact your PokerCompany account manager and they can help with credit swaps. The range of transfer methods your PokerCompany account manager can process will be greater than Tonybet e.g. BitCoin.


How to fund players?


  • Navigation in Tonybet agent account: Agents > Banking > Money transfer

  • Enter the login name (username) of the Player / Agent account you wish to make a transfer from or too and the amount you wish to transfer.

  • Just click transfer and you are done!


Agent To Player Transfers

  • Agent account data is updated at 4AM GMT daily.

  • Commission is calculated on the first of the month, for the previous month's revenue.

  • Commission is paid into your player account and can be withdrawn by logging in at:

  • Navigation to see agent earnings and withdrawal history: Banking > Network earnings

View Your Earnings