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Natural8 is one of Asia's leading online poker room. With sponsored pros Xuan LiuKitty Kuo and Dong Kim, Natural8 enjoys very solid traffic and appears to be here to stay. 

Why Should Players Play Poker On Natural8
  • Natural8 is on the worlds fastest growing Poker Network (GG Network) - currently bigger than networks like iPoker and MPN. Players can be sure that there will be plenty of traffic.
  • Unique features such as run it three time and straddling, make the games even more fun and action packed.
  • Rest of the world players can play Asian players. It's a completely new type of player pool.
  • Great IOS and Android apps. 
  • Natural8 accepts deposits via Neteller, Visa and Mastercard. 
  • Player RB is paid every Monday, direct into the players Natural8 account.
Agent Features:
  • Easy to use agent backend. With stats refreshing every few minutes.
  • Complete control over the rakeback percentage given to each individual player (up to a max of 35%). 
  • Commission payments made every Monday.
  • Ability to create sub agents.
  • If you have casino players just get in touch with your PokerCompany account manager about casino profit share.
  • Credit is available - just get in touch with your PokerCompany Account Manager to find out more!

  • Access your Natural8 agent account through the link here!

  • Your Agent account username, bonus code and password will be provided by your PokerCompany account manager.

Agent Login Panel

  • Navigation once logged into your Natural8 agent account: Players > Create new player.
  • Fill in the particulars, please note you may NOT set poker cashback at anything higher than 35%.
  • Give your players their username and password and they can login to their player accounts in the Natural8 client.

With Natural8 you may also signup players under your agent account by using your bonus code.

  • Send your player to

  • Ensure they click “Have a bonus code” and enter your bonus code.

  • Once the player has filled in the signup form they will be tracked to you.

  • You can check a player to tracked properly to you by checking game reports in your agent account a few minutes after signing up the player: Report > Game Report > then just search the player username and nickname. If the player is tracked correctly the player will be located when you search.

Create a Player

Setting Up A Player Account

Check Your Player Reports

How Players Enter Bonus Codes

  • Navigation once logged into your Natural8 agent account: Agents > Create Agent

  • Fill in the necessary particulars. The difference between your deal and your sub-agent deal, will be the commission payment you receive on sub-agent traffic.

  • The username will also be the sub agents bonus code - make sure to check with your sub-agent, what they want this to be. Once the agent account is created, send your sub-agent their username and password.

Create An Agent

Setting Up Sub-Agent Deals

  • Fund your agent or player account balance. Use the live cashier - fund an account through Facebook live chat here, simply tell the operator what account you wish to fund and the payment method you wish to use, the credit will then be applied to your agent or player account.

  • You can see your agent account balance in the top right corner of your agent account. If you navigate Players > You should see all your players and then can credit and debit player accounts, by clicking the necessary button and entering the amount you wish to debit of credit a player account.

Facebook Live Chat

Credit & Debit Players

Credit A Player

  • Agent account data is updated every few minutes.

  • Commission is paid direct into your agent account every Monday. Player cashback is also processed on Monday.

  • Commission breakdowns can be viewed through the following navigation: Agents > Select agent > select balance history > Look for “commission” in the type column and select “detail” > Commission detail can be viewed.

Checking Agent Account Earnings

Select Balance History

Find Commission Payments